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The Bitter cold of January Has Arrived. How to Keep Your Feet Warm in Winter.

While many people stay bundled up indoors during the winter months, a brave few choose to explore the out-of-doors during one of the best seasons.  There’s a lot of great reasons to be outside during the winter.  Winter is beautiful, winter sports are fun, the great outdoors are less crowded, and did I mention that winter sports are fun?  There’s also one big reason to stay inside during winter, it’s cold outside.  Nothing ruins an amazing day skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, or even sledding like being cold, especially cold feet.   Here’s 4 tips to keeping your little piggies warm this winter. 

#1  Start with Warm Boots
The garage is for cars, tools, and your townie bike, not your boots.  Keep your boots inside where it’s nice and warm.  This will allow them to dry out from the last time you wore them and your feet won’t have to warm them up when you first put them on.  Also, on your way up to the mountain keep your boots in the car with you.  If you’re in a truck and there’s not room for your bag, pull your boots out and keep them at your feet.

#2  No Matter What You Think, Your Feet Sweat
Everyone’s feet sweat.  Some just sweat more than others.  If your winter outdoor activity of choice involves driving before hand, it’s a good idea to take a change of socks.  As you sit in your nice warm vehicle, your feet will perspire causing your feet to become a bit clammy.  Then you take off your traveling footwear and put on your winter footwear, you’ll carry that extra moisture into your nice warm (see tip #1), dry boots.  After a couple minutes outside that moisture will cool causing your feet to cool as well.  To give your feet the best possible chance of staying warm it’s best to start with a fresh pair of socks.  When you get to where you’re going, take off the socks you’ve been wearing and dry your feet off a bit, then put on a new pair of socks before you put your boots on.

#3  Buy Footwear That Fits

Besides the obvious problems that can come along with ill fitting footwear, cold feet can also be a result.  Footwear that’s too big can have pockets of cold air that can rob your feet of heat.  Footwear that’s too small can cut of circulation to your feet which will also cause them to become cold.  Footwear that’s too small is especially a problem with skiers.  Skiers are taught from day one to try and cram their feet into boots that are too small.  We’re not saying you should or shouldn’t do this, that’s completely up to you.  We’re just saying that if you do, don’t be surprised if your feet get a little cold.

#4  There’s No Substitute For Good Socks
Unfortunately those over prices socks hanging in their individual packages of overpriced-ness are actually a good thing.  We agree, they’re way more expensive than they need to be, but the bottom line is they work.  They will keep your feet warmer than anything you find in the bargain bin of socks at the Mart down the street.  When buying socks stay away from anything with cotton and make sure only your socks are in your
boots.  Cuffs from long underwear or anything else you could be wearing jammed into the tops of your boots can cause circulation problems and some comfort issues.  Also, one pair should do it, never double up on the socks.  More than one pair of socks can cut off circulation causing more harm than good.

These 4 hints aren’t a guarantee to warm feet, as there’s sometimes just individual problems that are working against you (blood flow, circulation, etc), but they will definitely help.  We’d love hear any of your secrets to keeping your little piggies toasty warm during the cold months in the comments below.


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