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About Us

Right about now you're probably wondering what this site is all about. Gear Genius was the brain child of a bunch of guys who all considered themselves to be pretty smart, if not gurus (we're all very humble), about gear. You see, we love gear. Don't get us wrong, we love doing the activities for which the gear is required, but we also love the gear. So we thought we'd put all this knowledge to some good use and help other gear enthusiasts find the right gear for them. You might be asking yourself, what makes these guys such experts? Well, it's mostly because together we have a combined 40+ years in the outdoor industry and our fifth grade teacher said everybody is good at something, it just so happens we're good at gear. We've been trained by the best brands and best reps. We've even gone across the country to be educated by the designers of the gear themselves. But most importantly, we've just spent a lot of time outside using it ourselves.

By now you're probably thinking that this is just another website where some gear geeks are going to tell you their opinions on gear that you'll probably never use, and that folks, is where you'll find we're quite a bit different. You see, everyone has different needs, everyone has different body types, everyone is just different. So we've gone ahead and set up Gear Genius to be individually specific. We've loaded the site with tons of useful information, information that might be exactly what you're looking for. But in case you want more, or have a questiono we haven't answered, we're set up to take those questions and to answer them individually, specifically for you. Can't decide which ski is just right for you, shoot us an email and let us help you. Don't know which bindings are best for your new board, let us help. Need some quick packing tips for that 4 day trip in the Wind Rivers next week, we've got you covered!

The Geniuses

Tim Kofoed Editor in Chief
Kris Kofoed Editor
Mike Bodrero   Editor & Photographer
Alex Stoy Adventure Contributor

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Do you have gear questions? We have gear answers. Browse through our sea of info to find the knowledge you desire. Can't find what you're looking for? Go ahead and contact a genius and we'll get you the personalized help and information that you need.