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At GearGenius.com we don't charge for any of our services, we just like helping people find the right gear for their needs. But in case you found our help extra helpful and want to spread a little love, go ahead and click the 'donate' button below. It will take you to our parent company's paypal account. Just make sure you drop us a little note while you're there letting us know who or which Genius section deserves the hook up. We appreciate support. Thank you.

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It's always easier to give your money away when you're getting something in return. Right? We think so too. So instead of asking you to open up your wallet (and your heart) and donate to our cause here at GearGenius.com we thought it might be easier if we gave you something back in return. Here's the deal, donate $30.00 (plus $5.00 for shipping) or more to GearGenius.com and we'll send you a custom GearGenius neck tube as our way of saying thanks. The best part is it's totally worth it. The Daily Tube from Black Strap is 100% made in the USA and is designed with function in mind. The single layer Fabric is lens safe, Ultra-Breathable, and UPF 55+ blocking out 99.9% of harmful UV rays & has a 400% stretch pattern to fit guys, gals and youth! All prints are guaranteed to last & are antimicrobial to machine wash. Stay protected from the heat, direct sun & bugs with the latest innovation from BlackStrap, tested in Bend Oregon & guaranteed to perform in the field. So really you're just buying an awesome neck tube and supporting your favorite outdoor gear and adventure website at the same time. It couldn't be more simple than that. Thank you in advance. It's your generosity that keeps GearGenius.com running.

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