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Get to Know Lindy P. Smith

GearGenius.com writer Lindy Smith

Tim: I hate to bring this up because I'm not sure if it's a sensitive subject or not but since I'm sure it's going to come up, lets just get it out there. How tall are you?

Lindy: Tim what a compelling question. I’ll be sure to let Matt Lauer know you’re gunning for his job. I am 4’ 11”. I have learned to love being short. It makes me unique and has contributed greatly to my quick wit. I guess all those years being made fun of on the playground had a way of sharpening my tongue. And know this, shorties ski deeper powder.

Tim: How did you first get involved in outdoor sports?

Lindy: My dad put me on skis at age three and I’ve been trying to keep up with him ever since. My dad was one of those overly zealous fitness gurus. I hung by his side and learned to love exercise. Somewhere along the way I found my own rhythm and decided everything is more fun when you can do it outside.

Tim: What is one of the greatest or best outdoor adventures that you've been on?

Lindy: I have been on four Heli Ski trips in British Columbia. We’d tour the Kootenay mountain range for four days at a time. Heli Skiing is like no other adventure I’ve ever had. To ski endless powder every day, every turn is a thrill I can’t quite get over. Like the high school star talks about football I talk about Heli skiing. Ah, the glory days.

Tim: As our readers will soon find out, you're a very active person. If you could only pick one of your outdoor passions to do for the rest of your life, which would it be?

Lindy: Oh the torture! Don’t tell my skis or my dad but I think I’d have to pick cycling. Each year I enjoy it a little more. Maybe, I’ll cheat your question and pick Triathloning then I could squeeze at least three activities in.

Tim: As a wife/mother, why is it important to get your family outside?

Lindy: Being outside presents a calm I can’t find anywhere else. I believe the outdoors connects us with something greater than ourselves. I don’t know if my kids will connect with the outdoors as much as I have, but I’d like to at least expose them to it. I want my kids to learn that being active is fun, and these mountains we can see from our window, that’s the real playground.

Tim: In the world of outdoor sports and adventure, who do you look up to and why?

Lindy: I’m continually inspired by women in sports. After watching the latest Olympics Julia Mancuso had me cheering the loudest. I greatly admire Mirinda Carfrae. She dominated the Kona Ironman in 2013 at 5’3” she’s my hero.

Tim: Is it true your husband's nickname is 'big air'?

Lindy: I believe at one time in Mason’s life he was known as Big Air. But around here he answers to Dad and his kids have no idea how cool he was. I mean is. Sorry, honey.

Tim: What is one of your all time favorite pieces of outdoor gear?

Lindy: My Bike! I have a really nice road bike. (You should know you sold it to me.) It was a big investment, yet ride after ride I’m convinced it was worth it . I guess we’ll chalk that up to another lie Lance Armstrong fed us. Sometimes it is about the bike.

Tim: Of the two most stereotypical "outdoorsy" vehicles which would you prefer, Toyota Truck or a Subaru?

Lindy: I drive a Subaru outback. It’s an awesome car, so bring on the stereotypes.

Tim: Besides writing about gear and outdoor life for GearGenius.com, what else do you like to write about?

Lindy: I love writing humor. I like to take something simple and construe it just enough to put a smile on your face. I have a blog and once upon a time I did a short write-up making fun of The Bachelor. It was really stupid, but people seemed to be entertained by it so I kept it up week after week. I loved to know I was making people laugh. Most recently I have been working on some memoir pieces. I believe everyone has a story to tell and I’ve enjoyed recording a few of mine.


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