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Bosavi Headlamp Review

Bosavi Headlamp

When you're the newcomer into a outdoor category that's very crowded, it can be hard to be seen. How do you get noticed when they're big, established brands that already make great products? You rally a bunch of people together, pull your funds and make a product that sets itself apart from the masses. And that's exactly what Dan Freschi did when he founded Bosavi.

What exactly is Bosavi? "Bosavi is a crowd-funded, community-inspired rechargeable headlamp that replaces the antiquated arsenal of lighting products in your gear stash and puts an end to the stream of disposable batteries they consume." In simpler terms, it's the only headlamp you'll need for most of your outdoor needs.

We received a Bosavi headlamp to test and use in a variety of situations were artificial lighting was needed. So far those testing scenarios have included trail running, cycling, lighting around camp, and illumination during power outages. Here's a quick run down on our experience with the Bosavi headlamp in those situations.

Trail Running - Trail running with the Bosavi is probably our favorite. At only 2.1 ounces (including the battery) the Bosavi stays right in place on my forehead and does not bounce around. The feature that I really love when using it for trail running is it's lowest light intensity setting. When running under a half moon or more it provides just enough additional light to provide a little more confidence, yet your eyes stay adjusted to the night sky. Bump the light up on its brightness for hairy downhill sections.

Cycling - A bike mount can be purchased that allows you to connect the headlamp to your handle bar. While I don't have the bike mount, I have ridden at night with the Bosavi strapped to my head. At 110 lumens on the highest setting it can provide a pretty solid view of what's ahead. Once the speed increases though, I would prefer more lumens. It's great to use at night on the bike on familiar trails or to be seen by passing cars.

Around Camp - By the fire, in the tent or organizing your pack for tomorrow's adventure this is another area that the Bosavi really excels. The centralized hinge on the headlamp allows you to point it almost straight down but still maintain fantastic contact on your head. The different light settings come in handy here as well because sometimes you need a lot of light, and sometimes you only need a little.

Power Outages - After returning from an evening trail run, I placed the Bosavi by the back door. A couple days went by and I had forgotten all about it. I hadn't recharged it, it was just sitting there forgotten on the shelf. During those few days we had the power go out one evening. Now, remembering where I had left it, I went to retrieve it expecting to find a headlamp with a dead battery. Luckily the Bosavi has a run time of over 60 hours depending on which light mode you're using. Long story short, we had plenty of light for shadow puppets with the kids until the power came back on.

I've had a lot of headlamps over the years but there's something special about the Bosavi. I'm really not sure what it is. Maybe it's the fact that it was funded with a kickstarter campaign or that it's packaging can be turned into a lantern to be used with the headlamp, but I feel connected to it, and for me, the gear that you feel connected to is the best kind.

Here are the technical specs if you're into that.


  • USB Rechargeable
  • Water Resistant
  • Bike Mount Accessories Available
  • Packaging Converts Into a Lantern

Max Light Quantity:

110 Lumens

Max Battery Life:

65 Hours

Bulb Detail:

  • 1 High Power CREE LED -110 Lumens
  • 1 White 5mm LED
  • 1 Red 5mm LED


  • 2.1 Ounces -Battery Included In Weight
  • 2.41 x 1.45 x 1.31 Inches


3.7V/700mAh Li-Poly - 80% Capacity Retention After 3 Years or 3000 Cycles


  • Charcoal Grey
  • Tangerine Orange

Comes With:

  • Micro-USB To USB Cable - For Charging Via USB port
  • Convertable Packaging -Turns Into a Lantern

Best Use:

  • Hiking
  • Camping
  • Trail Running
  • Climbing
  • Anything That Needs Light

For even more informatin, check out Bosavi.com


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