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Hercules WAE Outdoor BTP04 Portal Bluetooth Speaker

"Wouldn't it be cool if we could listen to some music right now?" If you're reading this I'm fairly positive that you've said that before. From watching the sun set after hiking to your favorite evening perch to slack lining in the park with friends, we've all said, "I wish we had some tunes right now" at least once. Many of you are probably saying that I should just put in some headphones. And you're right, headphones would work. But sometimes music is more of a social experience and can almost pull you out of the moment by forcing you to keep to yourself. So if headphones are out, what choices are you left with?

The good people at Hercules have made that wish a reality. The WAE Outdoor BTP04 was made for those exact moments plus a bunch of other ones you haven't had yet. For a bluetooth speaker it has a pretty impress stat sheet. It’s completely water-resistant. All the ports and switches are sealed off with rubber plugs. You control it with the bluetooth on whatever portal device you have. It has volume controls on the side that are also water-resistant. It has a build in mic, so if your portal device is a phone, you can answer a call with it. The speaker is charged through a USB cord and has a battery life of about 14 hours.

We got our hands on one of the Adventure Packs and got to try it out. Here's a quick run down of the good and bad.

Genius Features:

  • Great Sound – We really were amazed at how well this little speaker sounds. It’s not much longer than a phone or iPod, yet the sound it kicks out makes you think it’s a large stereo. We’ve seen other speakers like this but they are usually lacking on the low tones but that was not the case with the BTP04. For the size of this thing, it really thumps.
  • The mounting kit that we got in our package was perfect. So many ways to strap this thing on your adventure vehicle. Be it a bike or a snowmobile or just your backpack. You can lock this speaker down and not have to worry about it falling off.
  • We were very impressed with the battery life. Blue tooth does have a tendance to drain a battery, but the WAE Outdoor BTP04 held out and lasted longer than even our test music device.
  • It was very easy to sync the speaker up and start using it. We even gave it to someone that wasn’t very familiar with the world of blue tooth and they had it running in now time.

Not so Genius Features (we really had to dig for these, because we weren’t disappointed)

  • Package was a little tricky to figure out. The Adventure Pack comes with the mounting kits and it all comes in a hard plastic case that took a little tinkering with to figure out how to get into.
  • USB cable could be a little longer. This might not matter on some smaller lap tops but the way my desk is set up, we would have liked to have another foot of cable just to be able to set the speaker a little farther away from the computer.

The Hercules WAE Outdoor BTP04 is for sure a must have on your next adventure that needs music. We plan to let it be the soundtrack maker on many or our upcoming adventures.


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