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Hydro Flask Insulated Water Bottle Review

Hydro FlaskAs far as health and nutrition stand drinking enough water may be the the easiest box to check on a long list of what we should be doing for our health. Think about it. Drinking the proper amount of water doesn't take time, money or talent. It's one of those things you can easily score 100 percent on. In fact, more than not it's my only "A" of the day. In my pursuit to drink enough water I have become slightly obsessed with water bottles, big cups, and straws. My collection of such objects occupies an entire shelf in my pantry. It's a problem.

When the Hydro Flask promised to keep liquids chilled for up to 24 hours I knew I had to add it to my collection. The chill factor is the main reason I have fallen in love with this water bottle. I'm not kidding you when I say this will keep your drink cold. Ice cold! I have left this bottle with water in it overnight only to find ice still remaining in the morning. I never worry about leaving it in my hot car because I always come back to cold water. It all has to do with their vacuum insulated and stainless steel shell. Whatever it is. It does indeed work.

The other edge Hydro Flask has over my past collection of water bottles is the fact that it doesn't sweat. No water rings left on your desk and no moisture left in your backpack. The double wall stainless steel keeps all the moisture and coolness inside where it should be.

You'll love all the options Hydro Flask has. Different sizes of water bottles and various sizes of mouth openings and caps to accompany. And since it keeps hot beverages warm for up to six hours you can be sure to find yourself the perfect coffee mug. Basically you shop by color, ounces and mouth size. I have both the 40 oz. wide mouth and the 24 oz. narrow mouth. The wide mouth with the straw lid is my favorite. Amazingly, when the straw lid is closed it does not leak at all. Plus I always find I drink more when there is a straw involved. They also have a ton of fun color options.

Hydro Flask is also honing in on some other high marks. There bottles and cups are 100% recyclable, BPA free and have a lifetime warranty.


For more information check out hydroflask.com.

Looking for a Hydro Flask of your own? We've got you covered. Pick one up from one of these fine retailers below.

About the Author

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy is a wannabe athlete. As a Utah native and skier she’s a born powder hound and will steal your line if you’re not careful. In the summertime you can find her trail running, swimming in a lake and cycling her way around Cache Valley. Lindy Graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Journalism and enjoys writing about all her adventures and misadventures.

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