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Nite Rider Adventure 180 Head Lamp Review

Nite Rider Adventure 180 Head Lamp

The quick and dirty: 180 lumens of brightness in one of the most comfortable headlamps I’ve ever worn.

Nite Rider is no stranger to the illumination game, they’ve been lighting up the night for a long time. What started as a company trying to light up the local surf breaks quickly turned to providing night riding opportunities for cyclists and motorcyclists everywhere. They’ve now taken all those many years of illumination experience and entered the very crowded world of headlamps and have come in with the high beams on.

Bringing 180 lumens and a run time of 2:30+ hours the Adventure 180 headlamp is the perfect quiver of one headlamp. So far we’ve used it from everything from walking the dog to nighttime cross country ski adventures to early morning dawn patrols before the sun is up and it has more than exceeded our expectations. The light is bright, the batteries are strong, what else could you ask for? There is one more feature however that gets overlooked more than it should in the headlamp world and that’s comfort. The Adventure 180 is hands down one of the most comfortable headlamps I’ve ever worn thanks to it’s comfort headband. It cups the back of your head and stays in place. No amount of movement has been able to get the Adventure 180 to slide down my forehead thanks to this nifty headband.

The Adventure 180 is water resistant and charges with an included micro USB cable, wall adapter not included. A simple single button on top toggles between the many different light and flashing modes and the Adventure 180 can be aimed down in front of your feet or out ahead in your path.

As I mentioned above the Adventure 180 truly is a quiver of one headlamp, the only headlamp you'll need for 99% of the activities you plan on doing. I’m looking forward to many more adventures with the Adventure 180 as it’s made a permanent home in my pack.

Looking for more specs? Here you go:

Run time: 2:30-37:00 depending on light/flashing mode

Light modes: Red night vision, white diffused, white walk, white medium, white high

Flash Modes: Red safety flash, white daylight flash, white locator beacon, white SOS

Weight: 85 grams

Lumens: 180

Charge time: 2:15 hours (uses micro USB)

Battery: Li-Pro

Price: $69.99

For more information check out Niterider.com


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