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Pearl Izumi Women's E-Motion Road H3 Shoe Review

Pearl Izumi Women's E-Motion Road H3The thing I love about running is how accessible and relatively inexpensive it is. Any of us can open our front door and go for a run. As far as sports and hobbies are concerned running requires the least amount of equipment. So I would say, invest in a good shoe, it’s the most important part of running. Don’t leave yourself open to injury get the right shoe and replace them often.

Seeing as it is the most crucial of all the running gear one can purchase I tend to get unusually picky about the shoes I trust my feet in. And Pearl Izumi seems to agree with me. They are not a believer in the one size fits all method. Through their E-Motion series they break down every different kind of runner and what specific shoe would cater best. It’s optimal if you can clearly identify what kind of runner you are and what exactly your foot needs before you shop around.

Myself, for example, I have low arches, this causes me to over pronate. I actually had a whole work-up done by a physical therapist, who more or less wrote me out a shoe prescription. He recommended a shoe with a lot of stability, plenty of cushion and arch support. The Road H3 met my specific criteria. That’s not to say every runner should have this shoe. Some runners may prefer a more neutral arrangement, minimal cushioning or perhaps a more flexible sole.If you are not sure what kind of runner you are have a professional watch you run and they should be able to tell you if you are heel striker, an overpronator and so on. Pearl Izumi has a wide enough variety of shoes you will likely find a running shoe to meet your needs.

A high stability shoe, often used by overpronators, has a reputation of being stiff and heavy. The Road H3 coming in at 9 ounces is noticeably lighter than the pair I had previously. I have been super pleased with their ability to support my arches, possess a high amount of cushioning, yet remain light.

The Road H3 has slightly more cushioning surrounding the heel than the forefront which is good for us heal strikers out there. Or for the runner who puts in plenty of long distance workouts. In fact, in their E-motion series “3” is the highest amount of cushioning they offer.

I have put a significant amount of miles on these shoes and not only have they held up, but thankfully none of the old aches and pains seem to be flaring up, which do indeed still rise to the surface if I’m not careful about the shoes I’m running in. Namely those annoying overuse injuries such as tendonitis and Iliotibial band syndrome.

I’ve been running in the same shoe year after year because I’ve been too scared to try anything that didn't meet my particular requirements. The Road H3 not only met the criteria but after running in them have held to my standard. I found the H3 series chart put out by Pearl Izumi to be most helpful as I was shopping for a new road shoe.

When running shoes get trendy I worry. Remember, when everyone is wearing bell bottoms it’s not because they flatter every figure. Take the time to do a bit of research, discover which shoe is meant for you. If it’s bell bottoms that flatter you best then go for it, but just know there are a lot of different kinds of runners out there and they all come with different kinds of feet. Forget the trends, make your feet happy and they’ll thank you for it.

Happy Running,

About the Author

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy is a wannabe athlete. As a Utah native and skier she’s a born powder hound and will steal your line if you’re not careful. In the summertime you can find her trail running, swimming in a lake and cycling her way around Cache Valley. Lindy Graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Journalism and enjoys writing about all her adventures and misadventures.

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