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Pearl Izumi Women's Flash Sport Tank Review

Pearl Izumi Women's Flash Sport Tank

I have always said my first love is running. Running made me realize I love to be outside. I love working hard, discovering new trails and connecting with my mind and body. The other side of running, the less romantic side, is the fact that it is hard and humbling. Even the best and most motivated of runners may need an extra nudge to get them out the door. I can't think of a better nudge than a new outfit.

Pearl Izumi's Flash Sport Tank proves to be well thought out in terms of functionality, and is perfectly on trend. The top has a lace-like texture just on the outer layer. The black lining within is a transfer dry fabric, designed to keep moisture away from the body. I found the lining to be super soft and comfortable. I also loved that it was black as I felt it provided the right amount of modesty. The top also contains a built in bra with just enough padding for coverage.

The trendiness comes into play with not only the color and texture, but the layering look. This is a one piece but provides the visual of two distinct pieces. I enjoyed the peek-a-boo in the back and found the silhouette to be most flattering, as it hugs at the top and then loosens a little right around the waist line.

I wouldn't designate this top to just running. I've done other cross training type workouts in it as well and found it to be just as agreeable and supportive.

This top also comes in a black and gray combo as well as a turquoise and blue combo. I have the orange and I love the pop of bright color. A perfect color to welcome summer.

For more information check out pearlizumi.com

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About the Author

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy is a wannabe athlete. As a Utah native and skier she’s a born powder hound and will steal your line if you’re not careful. In the summertime you can find her trail running, swimming in a lake and cycling her way around Cache Valley. Lindy Graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Journalism and enjoys writing about all her adventures and misadventures.

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