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Squivvy Portable Changing Room Review

Squivvy Portable Changing Room

Changing in a car. Changing in a public restroom. And, plug your nose and sanitize your hands, changing in an outhouse. These are some of the obstacles that on-the-go and outdoor loving people face. Whether you go from one adventure to the next, or you just need to sneak out of the office for a lunchtime run, you've got to change your clothes and I'm guessing you'd rather not do that with a steering wheel in your lap.

The Sqivvy is a portable pop-up privacy room. Used for changing clothes or even as a shower enclosure while camping. It comes housed in a convenient round and flat 25 inch bag with an over the arm strap. When you take the sqivvy out of its shell it pops up with no assembly or fiddling with tent poles required. For the Sqivvy to take its whole shape I simply pulled out the one side that wasn't already in position and into a dressing room it morphed. I was able to pop up the sqivvy with no help, which is noteworthy as it makes solo lunchtime runs and bike rides an easy reality.

The Sqivvy will get a lot of use. Whether you just have it in your car for when you need to change your clothes. Or for an obvious necessity when camping. Its also super helpful in a beach setting. I hate changing in my car, but especially hate it when I'm at the beach because it always leaves me with a car full of sand. Or how about when you go boating? You get soaking wet and then you have to get back in your car all soggy! And what if its a long ride home? Are you starting to add up the possibilities as quickly as I am?

I wanted to mention a few bells and whistles that I came across while using this product.

First, the Sqivvy is equipped with stakes. Useful for a windy day or when you want to just go ahead and leave it up for the duration of your camping trip. As we all know stakes mean nothing when it comes to sand. The Sqivvy is one step ahead you. It has an attached bag right on the bottom that you can fill with rocks or something heavy to keep the weather from running off with your dressing room.

Second, it does have a cloud cover. For basic changing needs I found I didn't need the top cover because the Sqivvy covers even the tallest of people. But it would be helpful in the rain. It's an easy attachment, the placing of the hooks makes covering the top self explanatory.

Lastly, it has storage and a roll-away floor cover. The Sqivvy has one mesh pocket, a hanging pocket, two hooks and a clothesline. It does have a floor, but can be pulled away if you wanted to use it as a shower enclosure. For just a quick change at the trailhead or beach I didn't tend to use the floor, but it's a nice feature if you want to keep things spick-and-span.

As far taking down the Sqivvy and folding it up it wasn't as innate as popping it open. I found I had to lean on the folding instruction video found on their website. The trick, shown in the video, is to coil the sqivvy rather than just trying to fold it over.

I wish I would have had this last summer when I was in charge of a big group and as we moved from one event to the next it became necessary for about 30 people to change into their swimsuits. Some stopped by gas stations, and many ended up changing in cars. Changing from one outfit into the next became a huge to-do. This is the type of gear where once you've got it, you don't want to be without it!

Now go outside and do something fun!

About the Author

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy is a wannabe athlete. As a Utah native and skier she’s a born powder hound and will steal your line if you’re not careful. In the summertime you can find her trail running, swimming in a lake and cycling her way around Cache Valley. Lindy Graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Journalism and enjoys writing about all her adventures and misadventures.

Lindy with daughter


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