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Movie Monday: The Barkley Marathons

If you are an adventurer, a marathoner or someone who considers watching crazy people a worthy form of entertainment than you need to see The Netflix documentary, The Barkley Marathons.

Someone once said, "Documentaries are like movies, only boring." Forget that funny and slightly true fact and jump on this one. The Barkley Marathons are like no race you've ever done or even heard about. Mostly because until now only a select few have heard about this crazy, brutal, old school race.

You won't believe that the human body can actually run 130 miles in the wilderness, with no marked direction, no trail and do it on no sleep. It's a film you won't be able to stop talking about. Plus it was fun to see SLC, UT be represented by someone who wasn't a contestant on The Bachelor for a change.

About the Author

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy P. Smith

Lindy is a wannabe athlete. As a Utah native and skier she’s a born powder hound and will steal your line if you’re not careful. In the summertime you can find her trail running, swimming in a lake and cycling her way around Cache Valley. Lindy Graduated from Utah State University with a degree in Journalism and enjoys writing about all her adventures and misadventures.

Lindy with daughter


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