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Backpacking Questions and Answers

  • Good Small Backpacking Stove

    Good Small Backpacking Stove

    I've been looking into getting a small stove to take backpacking with me, but I'm not exactly sure what to look for in one. I want something small that I can take backpacking with me. What should I be looking for in one?

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  • Internal Frame vs. External Frame

    Internal Frame vs. External Frame

    What's the difference between an internal frame backpack and an external frame backpack. I was at my local sporting goods store last night and the sales person mentioned over and over again that the packs I was looking at where 'internal framed' packs. Thanks for the help.

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  • Making Your Own Gear

    Making Your Own Gear

    I love going on long hikes and multiple night river trips. The only problem I have is outfitting myself properly. Quite frankly I find the current selection, quality and fit of most clothes and gear to be less then what I expect for the prices I am paying.

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