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Making Your Own Gear


Tim, I love going on long hikes and multiple night river trips. The only problem I have is outfitting myself properly. Quite frankly I find the current selection, quality and fit of most clothes and gear to be less then what I expect for the prices I am paying.

If I was able to make my own gear I could customize it to the specific conditions my wife and I face on the trails.

Do you know of anyone that currently makes their own gear and how they started? Also, am I crazy to try this?


Matt in IA


Check out www.ula-equipment.com. It was started by a guy named Brian who couldn't find the type of gear he was looking for while doing the Appalachian trail and the Pacific Rim trail (he's pretty hardcore). He started designing and making packs, sleeping bags, shelters, all kinds of stuff. All he had when he started was a sowing machine and some good ideas. He's just one story or people who have made their own gear. Clothing on the other hand is a bit different. It's a bit harder to make good fitting clothes. Unfortunately I don't have example for you there, but I'd imagine it's a bit the same as gear. A whole lot of trial and error. Hopefully that's worth something to ya, let me know if I can help with anything else.

Take it easy,



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