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What Size Full Suspension Bike Should My Wife Get?


What size mountain bike fully suspended should my wife get 5 foot six inches and 125 lbs?


A lot of that depends on the bike brand. Everyone has there own way of measuring bike sizes, but a good base number to start with would probably be around a 15". 15" refers to the length of the seat tube. Most bike companies measure from either the middle or top of the crank bolt to the middle or top part of the seat tube above the top tube. That size may also vary based upon your wife having long legs or a longer torso. Have her ride a couple around the parking lot of our nearest bike shop. Make sure she's not too hunched over but at the same time, not sitting up to tall. She'll want to have good leg extension and feel comfortable on the bike. There's nothing worse than having a bike that feels too big or too small. I apologize if these answers seem a bit vague, but a bike is type of 'gear' that defiantly needs to be tested before buying.

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