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StoopidTall? More Like Awesome Tall

You've seen it before. Someone takes two bike frames and with medicore welding skills hacks them together to make a franken-frame tall bike. It's part abstract art, part desecration. But what happens when you take that idea a little further? And then futhter. And further still? Until you find yourself 15 feet in the air. StoopidTall is what happens.

From what StoopidTall bike builder Richie Trimble says on his Vimeo page, the StoopidTall bike was an in-between bike. A bike that was in-between (in size) his last tall bike that stood 10 feet tall and his next creation which he plans on breaking the world record with. How tall will the next tall bike be? We'll find out later this year. But until then, I sure would like to take this one for a cruise...minus the stopping at a pole on the edge of a pier.

One more thing. Nice pants.

Here's some details on StoopidTall:

  • 14.5ft at the Seat
  • Built in 12 work hours
  • One Huffy beach cruiser, 2" square tubing, 3/4" round tubing, and 1" round tubing
  • 26" single speed coaster brake wheelset
  • 6 1/2 single speed bicycle chains (32.5ft of chain)

STOOPIDTALL - CICLAVIA 2013 - LA BIKE CULT from Richie Trimble on Vimeo.


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