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What Would You Do? Stopping a Bike Thief

It's a beautiful, sunny day. You're walking out to unlock your bike from the bike rack in front of your favorite lunch spot. Off to your left you see a guy doing the same. Except instead of dialing in the combination to his lock he pulls out some cable cutters. Snap. He and the bike are gone. Was it his bike? Had he just forgotten his lock? Should you ride after and try and stop him? Should you have said something before all this happened? I can honestly say, "I don't know."

The closet thing I've come to witnessing a bike theft happened while working at a bike shop in high school. We had some bikes locked up out front on display. A brave guy walked by with some cable cutters and in seconds he was gone... riding one of those bikes. Luckily, myself and some fellow employees witnessed it and after a minor chase (not recommended) we recovered the bike. The thief on the other hand was never caught. But what do you do when it's happening right in front of you. What if there are others around? Should you be the one who calls the attack?

To put this question to the test filmmaker Casey Neistat locked his bike up in different locations all over New York City and then attempted to steal it. He used a variety of different methods to steal his own bike, each one more daring, in an effort to get caught.

Check out the video to see how bad it got before someone said something.


You might recognize Casey from this other video he produced about cycling in New York City


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