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Camping Buyer's Guide

If you think about it, every time you go camping it's kinda like you're moving. You pack a bunch of stuff up and haul it somewhere else. But this time you can only take with you the items that you absolutely must have in order to survive. That means leave the 15 different pairs of shoes at home and forget all the creature comforts in you life. That's why picking out and taking the right gear is so crucial. It can make or break your trip. Not only from a 'fun' stand point, but also from a sheer survival stand point. We went ahead and made it easy for you here at geargenius.com. We've packed out camping and backpacking sections chuck full of all the items you'd ever want to take with you out into the wilderness. We've also provided all kinds of hints and tips to make sure you have the maximum amount of fun while you're out getting away for it all.

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