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Moab Towers, Magic Backpacks and Sweaty Palms

Ever wondered what a first time base jumper talks about on her way to her first jump? Or maybe you've pondered what the parents of base jumpers think about their jumping exploits? You find all this out on one of GoPro's latest video, Moab Towers & Magic Backpacks.

Moab Towers & Magic Backpacks follow Hayley Ashburn and Marshall Miller as they ascend and leap from Ancient Art in the Fisher Towers. On the way up you'll hear some rather insightful conversations. I'm not sure if this was Marshall's idea of trying to keep Hayley focused on the climbing and not worrying about the jump at the end or if it was just a good, honest conversation. Either way, even though I've heard the climbing on Fishers Towers isn't super technical, the exposure on the climb and the knowledge of what's to come at the end of the climb would have me pretty tight lipped. I don't think I'd be one for conversations.

Like anything else that GoPro produces, the visuals are absolutely amazing, the use and the numbers of cameras that was used is extensive and of course remote controlled helicopters equipped with GoPros were used. Check out the video below. It's a tad long for sneaking a peek at work, but definitely worth it. Maybe break it down into a couple of sections or try and keep your eyes moving left to right so it looks like you're reading a lengthy email. Enjoy 



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