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WARNING: Life and fun have been known to cause injury.

Outdoor activity is fun, but it's also dangerous.  Heck, life in general is dangerous.  A lot can happen once you decide to get up off the couch.  At GearGenius.com we like to do the fun stuff we talk about on this site.  But we have to warn, most of it can be dangerous.  So be careful, wear a helmet, learn to swim, use common sense, wear a life jacket, take some avalanche classes, tie your shoes, go with a friend, take a lesson, obey the posted signs, leave no trace, tread lightly, don't pee into the wind, ride responsibly and all that other important stuff.  And if while you're out there enjoying life and something happens, knock on wood, remember two things: 1) you're going to have a great story to tell some day about your misadventure and 2) we're not responsible.  So get outside, live a little, but most of all, be safe.

Gear Disclaimer:

We talk about a lot of gear on GearGenius.com and get the opportunity to test a lot of it too.  We do everything we can to give unbiased reviews.  The products we review have been obtained in one of three ways"

1) It was sent to us for reviewing

2) It was purchased at retail

3) It was purchased directly from the manufacturer

No matter how we get the products we review, we'll always call it like we see it.  We'll do our best to highlight the good and bad. It's our job to tell the real story behind the gear so you know exactly what you're getting. We can't be bought. But feel free to try. 

Affliate Disclaimer:

Throughout the site you'll find some ads and links to online retailers.  Many of these links are affiliate links. Affiliate links generally link to different online retailers where you can purchase the product we've reviewed. We in turn get a small commission for your purchase. Unfortunately, it takes a lot of time and money to keep this website running and the commissions go towards making GearGenius.com the best website on the entire inter-web-net. No private jets or fancy yachts here. Just hosting fees and programmers to pay. But if you've found the information on the site helpful, do us a favor and show some love to the retailers that work with us. We thank you in advance.

Advertiser Disclaimer:

On the sides of our webpages are some ads. If roughly 254,678 people read each page we'll get about $7.64 for displaying those ads. Every penny counts right? Gotta pay the piper somehow and he's started to decline our baked goods.

Some of the products that we review or write about are manufactured by companies that advertise on this site. Advertising in no way, shape, or form affects how we review any product. We'll always call it as we see it highlighting the good and bad of any product.

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