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Looking for a Kayaking Alternative? Check Out Bellyak

Bellyak Face Forward Kayak

Action sports are demanding. They require a lot from their participants. Time commitments, money commitments and some times life choice commitments. On top of the list of action sports that require the most out of their participates is kayaking. The learning curve is huge, the gear isn't the cheapest and you're somewhat limited to participation based on where you live.

In an effort to make enjoying your local streams and rivers a little easier Adam and Anna Masters created Bellyak.  Bellyak is face forward kayak or a stomach kayak. The participant lays down on what looks like a regular sit on top kayak except the Bellyak has padding to lay on, foot notches for your feet and a raised section to help support your upper body. In place of paddle the bellyaker uses webbed gloves.

If you can swim, Bellyak is second nature. Charging head first into faster moving water, however, can cause one to second guess the entire concept. The Bellyak is perfect for someone who lives near a stream or river that they've always wanted to further explorer. It's great for lakes and ponds for those who don't have the time or resources to invest into traditional slow water boats.

I wouldn't look at Bellyak as a replacement for kayaking but more of a fun alternative for those not willing to devote the necessary time and money that traditional kayaking requires.

Genius Features: Smaller learning curve. Great for weekend lakes houses or cabins near rivers and streams. Perfect for someone who wants to play in rivers but is intimidated by kayaking. Less intense equipment list.

For more info check out www.bellyak.com


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