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STAND - A SUP Adventure (Trailer)

If you haven't noticed, stand up paddle (SUP) boards have been taking the outdoor industry by storm. At this year's Outdoor Retailer show their presence continued to grow and they were the focal point of the outdoor demo. Their increase in popularity and the attention they are getting is justly deserved, it's a ton of fun.

Like many outdoor sports recreation can be tied to conservation. Surfing is working on saving our oceans, skiing and snowboarding are raising awareness on climate change and the list goes on. To help raise awareness to the threat the Great Bear Rainforest is facing, SUP is taking it's turn wearing the conservation hat.

The upcoming movie STAND is a film that highlights the threat that this forest is facing. Here's a quick bio of the movie:

STAND, a new film from b4apres Media in association with Dendrite Studios, will take you into the heart of the largest temperate rainforest on the planet-the Great Bear in British Columbia, Canada. Hung on the skeleton of a good ol' fashioned adventure undertaken by a group of surfers, the potential effects of introducing super tankers to these pristine waters will be articulated. As the crew moves through this remote region under their own power, the landscape will be unfurled one paddle stroke at a time and punctuated by the faces and fears of the First Nation people who call this garden of Eden their home. Not just an efficient mode of transport, a stand up paddleboard expedition will be symbolic of "standing up" to preserve this last bastion of rainforest. Captured in cinematic High Definition, the film will bring the Enbridge Pipeline debate into the the collective consciousness in a way that will have you fishing in your basement for that old fluorescent wetsuit.

Check out the trailer for STAND due out Spring 2013.


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