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Rossignol Super 7 vs S7

Rossignol Super 7 vs S7A number of years ago I was walking through SIA and went by a booth that showcased many pro athletes' setups.  The jackets, pants, backpacks, boots and skis that they all used.  The of the athlete's setups happened to be of a Rossignol team athlete.  His skis looked like a current model in the Rossignol line-up but the construction was different and they were a lot longer than Rossignol offered at that time to the 'Joe Average Skier'.  This was a super ski and you had to 'know' someone to get a pair.

Those days appear to be over for Rossignol….again.  For a number of years they offered the B Squad ski that, for all we know, was the same ski that I saw in that display many years ago.  The B Squad was crazy stiff and available in longer lengths then they normally offered.  But that ski went away a couple years ago.

Now they're back on the 'ski the skis the pros ski' bandwagon with the Rossignol Super 7.  The Super 7 is a similar foot print as the S7 (145-117-127 vs. 145-115-123 respectively) but is only available in a 188cm and 195cm length.  That little bit of extra width is going to help it float a little better and is also going to making its turn radius a bit bigger meaning it will want to do bigger, faster turns.  And by only offering it in a 188cm and 195cm Rossignol is saying in as nice of a way as possible, "featherweights and sissies need not apply."

The big difference between the two models is the two layers of titanal that the Super 7 has.  The titanal will beef the ski up, requiring more weight to flex the ski which means you'll need to know what you're doing to really get it to perform like it should.  It also means it's going to crave higher speeds.  

Long story short, don't let a sales person talk you into this ski just because you want a rockered ski and it's the last one they have left.  If this ski is for you, you probably already know about it.  It's a great choice for the Little Cottonwood Canyon and Teton Village local.  But the average weekend warrior might want to stick with the S7.  They're both very versatile rockered skis that do more than just ski powder.  

Check out the Super 7 and S7 from Rossignol online at these fine retailers.  By clicking on the links below you're helping GearGenius.com continue to bring you all the gear new, reviews, hints, tips and how to's you could ever ask for.  Thank you.


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