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Giro Seam Helmet: Genius Pick

Giro SeamIn 1997 I was working in a ski shop. My friend's mom came in to the store looking for Christmas present ideas. Knowing that I was a skier who also skied a lot with her son she asked for my input. He already had just about everything he needed so she was stumped.  Referencing a broken arm from a season prior I suggested a helmet. We had just received the shops first order of ski helmets ever so she could have first pick from the 3 models we offered. 

Fast forward what seems like not that long but is actually almost 15 years. Go to your local resort and look around. Ever noticed just how many helmets are being worn now? It's amazing. In some locations as many as 70% of skiers and snowboarders are wearing helmets. Go into a ski or board shop and you'll see entire walls dedicated to the showcasing of helmets. With that many helmets you'd think there would be a helmet for everyone.... but not me. You see, I come from a family of large heads. Some would say it's due to large egos, but it really just boils down to having physically large craniums. Finding adjustable hats around the house on the last snap was never an uncommon occurrence growing up. And to make matters worse, my head is slightly oval shaped so most of my large head real estate is taken up front to back, not so much side to side.

So finding helmets has never been an easy task for me. I've cut out padding, used dermal tools to actually grind out Styrofoam, and even kept a belt tied around one in an attempt to mold it to a shape that fit my head. Because of all of this I finally came to terms with the fact that I'd never find a helmet that would fit.

Then something magical happened. I tried on the Giro Seam and my life was changed. Here's how the Seam changed my life:

Fit systems, helmet locks, whatever you want to call them have been in bike helmets for years. Why it took so long to trickle down into ski helmets is beyond me. The Seam was one of Giro's first helmets to take advantage of their In Form System. It's the In Form system that makes the seam work for me. Having been forced into XL and XXL helmets in the past I was shocked and amazed to discover that a Seam in a size large fit my head just perfect thanks to the In Form System.

The Seam is super light weight and it's not bulky at all. It's In-Mold construction provides a tough polycarbonate outer to protect the helmet for the small bumps like dropping out of the back of your truck or a low hanging tree branch. Under that tough polycarbonate is an impact absorbing foam liner. It's that liner that's gonna save you in a hard fall.

Super Cool Vents and thermostat ventilation control keep your noggin cool. Placed conveniently on top of the helmet is an easy to use slider. Slide the slider forward, the vents are closed. Slide it to the back and the vents are open. Now you can regulate our head heat with ease. Hiking to your favorite powder stash? Unzip your jacket and open your helmet vents and feel that cool air rush in.

In the past with Giro helmets if you wanted to jam with riding you had to purchase a new set of ear flaps. Now most Giro helmets come with ear flaps that have removable padding in the ear. Simply slide in the speakers from a tune up kit and you'll be rocking out to Hall and Oats in no time.

Wrap up:
Because the Giro Seam fits so well, has amazing vents, and is super lightweight there's no way we could deny it a Genius Pick. This is the helmet that I've been skiing in all this season and most of last and I feel very comfortable recommending it to just about anyone. At $160.00, it's not the cheapest helmet on the market but with the list of features that it has I can definitely say it's worth it.

For more information on the Giro Seam click here.

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