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Line Skis - Mr. Pollard's Opus

Eric Pollard has had lots of pro models over the years.  The Elizabeth, Sir Francis Bacon and most recent the EP Pro.  They've all been slightly ahead of their time when they've been released.  The Elizabeth was fat when everything was just starting to get fat, the Bacon was fatter before everyone else went fatter and the EP Pro was rockered before most other skis were rockered.

Having spent a number of really good days on the K2 Pontoon, I remember being pretty excited when the EP Pro first came out.  There was finally a ski that would float like the Pontoon but allow me to ski other parts of the mountain besides powder.  I bought a pair as soon as I could and fell in love.  The one downside to that original EP Pro was that they were a little bit soft.  Others would see my tips flopping around in crud and ask if they were too soft.  Being a huge fan of the ski and having sold a bunch at the shop I worked at I always defended them.  "Oh, they're the perfect stiffness." "If they were stiffer they wouldn't float as well." "I can't even tell the tips are flopping around, it's probably due to the rocker."  But deep down in inside I knew they were a bit on the noodle side.

For the next three years I bought a new pair of EP Pros every year and every year I was told at demos and trade shows that they had been "stiffened up just a tad" and every year they had been, but that 'tad' was a pretty small 'tad'.

This season, however, is the season that things are really changing.  The EP is completely new.  New shape.  New early rise.  New early taper. New everything.  Eric Pollard himself must have been thinking the same thing as a lot of other skiers.  The ski has really been stiffened up, it's narrower, the early rise has been toned down a bit and the new early taper in the tail is going to make the tails feel less locked in. 

Having already had the chance to give the Opus a test drive we can finally say that the new EP Pro, Mr Pollard's Opus, chargers.  It doesn't just float, it'll know plow through any and every type of powder and just about every other condition.  It's because of all these changes we've decided to make Mr Pollard's Opus a GearGenius.com editor's pick.  And like the name suggests, this Opus is truly one of Mr Pollard's greatest.

Check out the specs:
    Waist width: 118
    Length cm: 178, 185
    Shape mm: 144-118-141
    Sidecut m: 172 (185cm)
    Stance mm: -20 (185cm)
    Weight: 2,468

    Sidewall Construction
    Early Rise™ tip & tail 25cm x 15mm
    Early Taper™ tip & tail
    Thin Tip
    Maple Macroblock™ Core
    5 Radius G-Cut™ Geometry
    Symmetric Flex
    Sintered Fatty Base & Edge


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