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Orage Sutton Jacket - Genius Pick

Orage Sutton JacketIf you're not familiar with Orage, they've been making ski specific outwear since 1989. Their outwear is a perfect mix of function and fashion. They give you all the technical features you need without making you look you're part of an Everest expedition.  We decided to take a closer look at their Sutton jacket.  

The Sutton is one of Orage's more technical jackets, offering tons of great and technical features. It comes from their performance fit line of jackets so expect a little snugger fit compared to their original fit (which is a little too baggy for my age).

I've been very pleased with the Sutton thus far. Here's a bunch of features that we love about the jacket and a couple that we don't.

Features we love:

  • Awesome material, both how it feels/looks and it's techiness - The Sutton Jacket uses Orage's Prime 20 material. It has a soft shell feel with hard shell features. It's 20,000mm/20,000g/m with fully taped seams and a nice DWR coating so it's super breathable and waterproof. The Prime 20 material is a stretch fabric so it moves with your body.
  • Great fit - I'm very particular about the way a jacket fits. Having a shorter torso it seems that certain sizes of certain brands just don't fit.  A medium will fit great in the body but the length will be too short or the arms will be too short. A large fits great in the arms but the body is too roomy or is too long.  So when I find a jacket that fits well and has the technical features that are important to me, I get excited. The Sutton fits me perfectly. Just long enough in the body and the arms are the perfect length. The body of the jacket has enough room for great movement and to stow a couple of items in the pockets, but not so baggy as to imply that I've put on a couple of winter pounds (even if I have).
  • Tons of pockets - This jacket has pockets for everything. It's got hand pockets that are fleece lined, chest pockets, a pocket on the sleeve that is super convenient and a Napoleon pocket. Inside it has a perfect sized goggle pocket with lens chamois and pockets for all of your electronic goodies. The electronic goodie pockets are made of mesh so you'll still be able to see the screen of your device for picking your next playlist.
  • Pit zips - Two way pit zip will help regulate your temp.
  • Powder skirt - Keep the snow out with a built in powder skirt. The powder skirt is a must for skiing and snowboarding, hands down one of the most under rated features in many jackets. Did I mention it's removable?
  • Hiking sling - Unique to Orage is the Sutton's hiking sling. We've all been there before. Maybe you were hiking laps in the park or hitting up a boot pack to your favorite powder stash.  You start to get a little warm and your pit zips and leg vents just aren't enough. The hiking sling allow you slip the jacket off without having to carry it. It stays nice and secure on your back but you get all the fresh air you need to help keep the sweating to a minimum.
  • Removeable hood - I'm a fan of hoods so this one doesn't really affect me one way or another. For me the hood will stay all full time, but it's nice to know that if I wanted to ditch it, I guess I could.

Features we didn't love:

  • Hand panties - I know, call me crazy, but I don't like hand panties or as Orage calls them, hand gaiters.  I don't have a real reason for hating them, I just do. I mean, I should like them, they do a fantastic job keeping the snow from going up your sleeve during a nice tomahawking crash and these even allow you to still sneak a peek at your watch. But I don't. Maybe my wrists are claustrophobic, maybe it's because they're kind of annoying when I wear the jacket for anything other than skiing, all I know is I don't really like them and I seem to be the only person on the planet who feels this way.
  • Euro zippers - Orage is a French Canadian company so you'll find some French influences in their products. One of those being reversed zippers. Nothing really bad about them, they're just different from what I'm used to. I'm already over it.

As you can see there aren't too many negatives here and neither of them would keep me from buying this jacket. I've given the Orage Sutton Jacket a GearGenius.com Genius Pick.  This is a jacket that I would highly recommend to anyone and it will be added into my own personal jacket rotation.  


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