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How to Wax Your Skis or Snowboard

Taking your skis or snowboard to a shop everytime they need a waxing is expensive.  Not to mentions a hassle sometimes.  What if I told you there was a way you could wax your own skis or snowboard for about the same price as a single wax at your local shop?  Is that something that you might be interested in?

Check out this video we put together on how to wax your skis or snowboard the cheap and simple way.  This is pretty much the most basic way to keep your boards running as fast as possible and nice and healthy without spending a ton of money or getting hired on at a shop to learn how.  The tools needed are pretty simple;

  • Old clothes iron
  • Saw horses or anything else to support your skis
  • Plastic scrapper
  • Stiff bristle brush
  • Scotch brite pad (or something like it).
  • Wax

If you can find an old clothes iron at a thrift store you should be able to get into all of this, minus the saw horses, for under $30.  That's just about the cost of a single wax at a shop.  Save yourself some money this season, watch the video and go grab these essentials. You'll be a waxing amateur in no time.


How to Wax Your Skis or Snowboard


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