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Advanced Female Skier Looking For New Skis


I've been skiing for about 22 years and consider myself to be an advanced skier. I tend to stick to groomed runs but I am venturing to new territory and trying to become better at moguls. I am looking at new skis for this new adventure and was wondering if a pair of K2 Burnin Luvs 153cm would fit this different terrain? I am 5'11" and about 160lbs. Since I usually buy skis for speed and groomed runs I am not sure about what type of skis would be best for me now? Thanks a bunch.


Hey, thanks for checking out the site.  Lets see if we can't help a bit with your question.  If you're looking to get a bit into the moguls, the Burnin Luv would be a good choice.  Of the Luv series by K2 it has one of the narrower waists which would help it get through the trough of the mogul.  It would also be good on groomers and at speed due to the narrower waist and it's construction.  It's one of the few womens skis that K2 makes that has a laminate construction.  What that means for you as the skier is more stability at speed and a more damp (less springy) ski.

As for the size, a lot of that depends on what your geographic location is.  I'd say you could ski up to a 165cm if you wanted to.  If you're on the east coast go shorter due to the harder snow.  Out West maybe go a bit longer due to the softer show.  

Here's some good deals we found:

Burnin Luv (click here)  They've got it with the Marker binding for a super good deal. One thing to remember is that K2 changed there measuring system this season, so a 153cm is now a 156cm, and the 160cm is now the 163cm.

If you decide you might be ready for powder or softer snow check out the Lotta Luv.  Built on the same platform as the Burnin Luv just a bit wider, but just as much fun.  If powder isn't in the future, stick with the Burnin Luv.

Here's a good deal on the Lotta Luv:

Lotta Luv (click here)

Well, I hope that helps a bit.  Again, thanks for checking out the site.  We're just getting started so make sure you check back for all your gear questions, and tell your friends about us!





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