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Can't Decide What Size of Twin Tip Ski to Get

Note: This question is from 2008


hi, i need some help choosing a ski. I'v narrowed my choices down to the armada el rey, k2 silencer and the rossignol scratch scream in's. I'm planning on getting the rossignol scratch scream in's. I'm 173cm and about 150 ~ 160 pounds. I spend half the day on groomers/pow and the other half in the park. I'm just beginning to learn to ride in the park. so I'm a bit of a park newbie. heres the problem. when i went to ask the sales person about the ski, one person told me to get the 170cm ones. but another sales person from another store told me to get 160cm. so now im stuck and don't know which to buy.


Hi, thanks for checking out the site.  Hopefully you enjoyed looking around a bit.  Lets see if we can't help out a bit with your question.  You've picked three good skis to choose from, especially for what and where you ski.  The K2 and the Armada are both cap constructions while the Rossignol is a side wall construction.  They all have around a 88mm waist and around a 120mm tip.  This would make them all great for a combination of park and all-mountain riding.  You might want to mount them a little bit further forward if you're thinking that you want to spend a lot of time in the park.  That will make them land and ski switch a lot easier, and you'll be able to spin like a top with them mounted a little bit further forward.  Keep in mind though, that if you mount them forward, they won't ski as well on the rest of the mountain.  That's a choose you're going to have to make.  

The only problem I see is that the Rossi Scream In is from last year and might be a little bit harder to find.  As for the size, I'd tell you to go with the 170cm.  We found a couple pair of Scream In's at evogear.com.

Hopefully that helps a little bit.  Let us know if you have any questions, after all, that's what we're here for.  Thanks for checking out the site and make sure you tell your friends, we're going to have a lot going on this winter.  Pray for snow.


Follow Up Question #1:

thanks a bunch.
i guess now im going to get the 170's for sure.
i was kinda waiting for the response from u guys before i bought anything.
i think im going to stick with the rossi's. i found a pair of 170's, last pair @ a local store.
even though its a little pricey. its better than getting it off the internet.
would the 170cm effect me on turns on the slopes or in the park at all?
whats the sizing for me for future reference. between the chin and the nose or chin and head.
and do the twin tips play a factor in this as well.

Follow up Answer #1:

Good choice with the Rossi's.  You'll like them.  If the internet is that much cheaper than the local shop, you ought to give the internet a try.  You could save some money and put it towards some bindings, or another ski pass.  The websites that we recommend are all super legit and have been around for a super long time.  That's just my two cents.

As far as sizing for future reference goes, that all depends on you.  How much you grow, if you gain weight, what type of terrain you're going to be skiing.  Always size your skis based on your weight.  The ski can't tell how tall you are, just how much weight you're putting down on the ski.  For your weight a 170cm is a good starting point, as you progress as a skier you might want to size up in the future.  If you end up really liking the park and spending most of your time there, I won't ever really go bigger than what you're looking at now unless you need it to perform outside of the park.  Always remember that a twin tip ski has about 3-4cm (the turned up tail) of ski at the tail that really isn't being used, so they'll ski shorter than they are.  If you've never skied a 170cm it might feel a bit big for the first couple of runs.  Give it some time and take your time getting used to it.  Don't venture with it into the park until you feel at home on them on the groomers.

Well, good luck with the new boards, you're gonna love them.  If you have more questions, send them this way.  Take it easy.


Follow Up Question #2:

sorry for bothering you again.
but i just checked out the new el reys. look really nice and the sizing wont get me worried @ all, and they are pretty affordable.
do you think they might be better than the screams as the all mountain/terrain park thing goes?

Follow Up Answer #2:

They'll probably be pretty close to the rossi's but I think you'll like them.  They have a little bit more side cut so they'll be a bit 'turnier' on groomers and a bit easier to ski off trail.  

On to bindings.  Good choice in going with a Rossignol binding, they've always made a super good binding that was both burly and relatively light.  For your weight a DIN to 12 binding would be fine.  Check out the Axial2 120.  I found some cheap ones (maybe for last year, it didn't say) at evogear.com.

I'm also a big fan of the new Marker Griffon binding and the Salomon Z12 Ti.  Both prove themselves to be solid binders, and light weight, both coming in under 2000 grams for the set.  Here's some links to those.

So there you have it.  Good luck and let us know how it goes and if you have any other questions.  Take it easy, and if it's easy, take it twice.


Follow Up Question #3:

haha sry for being an ass and asking so many Q's but one more.
i thought i was wayy fatter than i apparently am.
i'm about 140. would that effect my skii length or still stick with the 170cm over the 160cm?

Follow Up Answer #3:

no worries man, we're all about the questions.  That's what sets us apart from all the other 'review' sites.  At a 140lbs I would still recommend the 170.  The only thing that would make me think otherwise would be if you ski in a lot of icy conditions.  In icy conditions you can generally size down a bit.  Let me know if you have any other questions.



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