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Looking for a Wide, Symmetrical Twin Tip Park Ski


Hey guys, I heard about you in a yahoo awnser and decided to check it out. Heres my situation: I am looking to buy a wide park ski that excels all over the mountain. Fully symmetrical is a big plus too, cause I'll be riding switch a lot. So, my first thought was the line anthems. They're affordable, 93mm underfoot (yes!), fully symmetrical, and a park specific ski. However, I am sceptical about the so called "butter zones" and the overall flex of the ski. I am worried it may be too soft to hold an edge at high speeds. The next problem is sizing. If I do end up choosing the anthems, I cannot decide whether to get a 161 or 171. Unless that is you think a different ski is right for me (I am currently also looking at the volkl wall, line blend (the 07 edition before the huge change), and maybe even scratch brigade bc). Heres all my info below, thanks guys!!!! Age: 17 Height: 5'9'' and growing Weight: 130 lbs Skier ability: all runs, including blacks at high speeds, doubles at cautious speeds Ski terrain: 50% park, 50% all mountain Home Mountain: Mt. Bachelor, Bend, Oregon Budget: under $400 for skis (not including bindings)


Hey, thanks for checking out the site.  We've still got a long way to go but it's coming.  Sounds like you've done your homework, but are a bit undecided.  Let me see if we can't help.

The Anthem is a rad ski and skis the park insanely.  Like most park skis, it is a bit softer, but that's how park skis are.  In order to make them rock the park, they end up not rocking so much when it comes to super high speeds.  So here's what I'd suggest.  The Anthem would be rad and a good runner up would be the K2 Kung Fujas.  The Fujas is 95mm under foot and 126mm at the tip.  It's a solid all mountain twin.  Downside, it's not symmetrical so it doesn't ski as well when mounted center.

Going back to the Anthems.  I'd suggest going with the 2008 (if you can find them) or the 2009 Anthems and not the Limited Edition Anthems.  I know the Limited edition Anthems look amazing with Eric Pollard's artwork and everything, but they don't have the carbon ollie band that the new ones have.  That carbon ollie band is going to be your saving grace when you kick your speed up a notch.

As for the size, if this ski is park only, the 161cm would be fun.  Super easy to spin and jib.  But if you plan on skiing this ski elsewhere (and it sounds like you do) go for the 171cm.  With a center mount it will feel a bit shorter anyway.

Here's a link to the 2008 Anthems (that will save you some dough)  (click here)
Here's our favorite binding to go with them  (click here)

Well, I hope that helps.  If it doesn't or if you have other questions, feel free to hit us up with more questions.  That's what we're here for.  Keep checking back and tell your friends because you're going to see lots of changes and new stuff this winter.  We're just getting started

take it easy,



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