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Switching From Ski Blades to Regular Skis


hi, for the past two years i have been skiing with ski blades. i loved them until the bindings started to become a hassle and would always break. now i am going back into the regular skis. i do like to do a lot park, but i also love to coast through powder and glades. i have found a pair of skis which i think i really like. i dont know if they are meant to leave the park though. they are called the Line Anthems. i like the 07-08 model alot better. i would like to know if these skis would let me ski mammoth in california with tons of powder and glades, and let me tear up the terrain park. and i would also like to know what boots and bindings you suggest because i am completly clueless on that part. thanks Conor oh and what size skis, i am almost 6 feet 155ish for weight. and what length to get, i am not sure if i want shorter because of my old blades, or to go longer cause im taller?


Let me start off my saying that I think you're making a good call coming back to skiing on regular skis.  Not that there's anything wrong with ski blades, I'm just a bigger fan of the longer type.

The Line Anthem would be a good choice for a sweet all around ski.  It's 93mm underfoot so it's still plenty wide for pow.  What makes it so unique is the fact that it's a turn symmetrical twin tip ski.  It's tip and tail are the exact same width.  This makes it ski switch real easy but also makes it ski a bit different everywhere else.  By having a center mounted ski your center of balance ends up being a little bit further back than you're used to.  So just be aware that they take a bit of getting used to if you decide to mount them centered.

Another fun ski would be the Kung Fugas from K2.  It's 95mm under foot so it too would be a good quiver of one, do everything ski that skis the park really well.  It's not symmetrical, but still skis well backwards.  I would dare say it is a bit better everywhere else outside of the park, but the Anthem would be better in the park.  

Here's some links to each one

07-08 Line Anthem (click here)

K2 Kung Fugas (click here)

As for size,  if you're going to be skiing these ski everywhere, go with the 178cm Anthem or the 179cm Kung Fugas.  They're going to feel a bit long coming from ski blades, but give them a couple of warm up runs and they'll feel just right by lunch.

Moving on to bindings.  Right now I'm a big fan of the marker Jester and Griffon.  The Jester is a DIN to 16 binding with the Griffon goes to 12.  The Griffon would be plenty for your height and weight, plus they'd be a lot lighter.  They have a wider mounting platform than most current bindings, and a much smaller dead spot under your foot.  They also have a lighter swing weight.  Just make sure you pay attention to the brake width if you decide to get a pair and get brakes that are wide enough for your skis.  Here's some links to them.

Jester (click here)

Griffon (click here)

On to boots.  The boots that fits the best is always the one you want to go with, but it's hard to try and get out and try everything on.  So depending on the type of foot you have, certain brands and models will fit best.  One of my favorite boots are the Dalbello Krypton Rampage.  The Krypton series fits super good and has tons of customizable features.  Here's a link to a pair from last year.  Check them out, they might have your size and they'd be cheaper.  The Krypton series fits a bit narrower.  Check them out.  If you want to look at some others let me know and I can help you out.  Let me know what size of foot you have and what type of foot you have (narrow, wide, normal, big calves, etc...)

Dalbello Krypton Rampage (click here)

I hope all that info helps a bit.  Let me know if you have any other questions, that's what we're here for.  Thanks for checking out the site and tell your friends, we've got some real cool stuff coming this winter.



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