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Women's All Mountain and Powder Skis


Thks in advance
women advanced/expert
Kirkwood skiier
requesting ideas for:
Powder ski
All mountain(thicker/wider) better?
Have 35 years into this

Any insight will be greatly appreciated



Thanks for checking out the site and submitting your question.  You've got a good question.  I'm actually in the middle of writing a story about some great choices for all mountain woman's skis. But instead of making you wait until I get it posted, i'll fill you in now.  

Here's a couple suggestions for all mountain skis:

Volkl Aura & Volkl Kenja - Both would be great all mountain skis.  The difference between the two is width.  If you want a wider all mountain ski that will do better in powder, go with the Kenja. Volkl has a long history of making great skis for aggressive skiers.

Line Celebrity 100 & Celebrity 90 - Same as the Volkl.  Both are awesome all mountain skis, the 100 being better suited if you like to ski as much pow as the conditions allow.  They've beefed the Celebrity up over the last couple of years replacing carbon fiber with a layer of metal.  The construction change has really benefitted advanced female skiers.  A little rocker in the tip of the 100 will also help in float in the soft stuff

K2 Sidekick - A little wider than some of the others I've mentioned (108mm under foot) but still a great option.  The sidekick will excel on powder days and hold it's own on the other days.

Powder skis:

Line Pandora - Super fun, very lively and playful.  Rockered tip helps keep it on the surface.  Been a lady's favorite since it was introduced a couple years pack

K2 MissDirected - The widest of the bunch.  A bit softer but powder skis generally are.  Lots of rocker.  It will have a bit of a 'surfy' feel and will make the deepest days a lot less work.

Volkl Kiku - Not for the faint of heart.  The Kiku is probably the stiffest of the powder skis that I've listed.  If you ski at higher speeds, and Kirkwood being a steeper mountain that's totally possible, then you might like this one a lot.


As for sizing, a lot of that is up to you and what you prefer.  My moto is 'when in doubt, size down'.  You can still have a lot of fun on a ski that sometimes feels too short but a ski that's too long will remind you of it at every turn.  Purely based on the info you gave me, I'd recommend 163-170cm on the all mountain and 160-165cm on the powder ski.

I hope that helps a little bit.  Let us know if you have any other questions.  Be sure to check back often as we're always adding to the site and to tell your friends to come check us out.  Thanks again for stopping by and have fun at Kirkwood this winter.  I was able to get out there a couple years ago and I must say, that is a fun mountain.  Here's to a La Niña repeat!

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-Tim K.

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