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Dakine Beacon Bib Review

Dakine Beacon BibWhen conditions get real, there's noting quite like a solid pair of bibs. The added protection they provide in deep snow along with a whole host of other features make them a smart choice for any snow professional or someone looking to take their winter outwear to new levels.

The Dakine Beacon bib are as technical as you want them to be and can go head to head with any other bib on the market. They have the materials, construction and features that will let them hang with the long standing outerwear big boys. Here are a few reasons why I think the Beacon bib is as good as any other pant or bib on the market.

Pockets, Pockets, Pockets: One of the many features that I like about bibs, especially the Beacon bib, is the options you have for storing things. In the chest portion of the bib you have options for your radio and two other pockets for who knows what. I've loaded them up with a variety of different items like cell phones, multitools, energy bars, compass, car keys, wallet and some Chapstick. I wouldn't recommend putting all that stuff in there at the same time but there's a pretty good chance it would all fit.

Below the belt the Beacon has your standard issue pocket arrangement. Two front pockets and two back pockets all closed with zippers and flaps for the back pockets. There's also a thigh pocket as well that I generally forget about. One thing I will mention is that due to the fit of the pant you can't put anything overly bulky in the thigh pocket.

Gore-Tex!: There are a lot of great breathable and waterproof materials on the market, but the one that started it all was Gore-Tex and that fact alone deserves our respect. The Dakine Beacon pant uses a 3 layer Gore-Tex with a plain weave. Add to that a DWR finish for some excellent water repellancey and you have yourself a top of the top shelf pant. Oh, and don't forget the scuff guards on the inside of the legs to keep you from slicing through the previously mentioned Gore-Tex.

Fit: If you're like me and haven't worn bibs in a while, you'll quickly find out they fit a little different than you remember. Apparently I wear my pants a little lower on my hips than I thought, and bibs need to be worn as pants were designed to be worn. Say no to sag. So once you pull your pants up and wear your bibs as pants were designed to be worn you'll find that the fit is great. I'm a 32 pant, both in the waist and in the length and generally wear a medium in just about every thing and the Beacon bibs fit just about perfect. The Beacon bibs have Dakine's contour fit so don't expect a baggy pant fit.

Verdict: If you're in the market for some new bibs the Beacon bib needs to be on the short list of bibs you're looking at. They're a great combination of function and fashion. If after a lot of soul searching you decide that bibs aren't right for you, then check out the Dakine Dryline pant. They share a lot of the same features and tech as the Beacon, minus the bib.

For more information go to Dakine.com

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