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Grizzly Gulch Avalanche

The new snow from this past weekend and cold temperatures have made for some super light Utah powder. Unfortunately, most of the state is at considerable avalanche danger.

Check out this video and news story from a skier who was caught in a slide up Grizzly Gulch, just outside of Alta. Another skier happened to be filming her descent and that could have been what saved her life. Quick thinking on the rescuers part as well as experience with their rescue equipment had her unburied and unharmed within 5 minutes.

Lets all use this as a good reminder to be safe out there. No matter your level of experience, the quiver of awesome avie gadgets you have, or how amazing the snow is, bad things can happen.

KSL news story:


Witness' YouTube video:



The Utah Avalanche Center has posted their report of the avalanche. Definitely worth the read. The summary, comments and pictures help paint a much better picture than the short video. The original video that was posted was stopped short due to the filmer putting his camera away to go and assist with the rescue. From what the report says, this girl is very lucky others were around. The person she was skiing with and who was taking pictures of her was not prepared. Another observation was even though she was wearing an air bag backpack, she was still full buried. Had the slide length been longer, it's possible she could have eventually come to the surface. The air bags, however, most likely did aid in her only being buried one foot deep.

Utah Avalanche Center Report (click here)


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