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K2 Skis 2012-13 Preview

Continuing with a long tradition of making awesome skis, K2 will be bringing yet another amazing line of skis to shops around the world for their 50th year in a row. That's right, the 2012-2013 season marks K2's 50th anniversary and after 50 years they're still cranking out innovative, well built, and revolutionary skis. We thought we'd take a quick look at a couple of K2's new models in their Backside and Factory Team series of skis for the 2012-2013 season.

K2 has 2 new models in their Backside series of skis. The Backside series of skis consists models that were designed for the 'back'country and 'side'country. Any model that has 'back' in the name is lighter weight (1440g-1820g) and more efficient. While any ski with 'side' in it's name is more descent focused, performance minded, and slightly heavier (1900g-2400g).

K2 SideSethSideSeth - Seth Morrison's signature ski moves from the Factory Team line of skis to the backside series. This move also reflects Seth's move to more technical big mountain skis. As a result, for the first time since the original Seth Pistol; the fat twin that started it all, Seth's ski does not have a true turned up tail.

The new SideSeth's dimensions are 147/118/135 making it primarily a softer snow ski but it does have a slightly stiffer tail and a little less rocker to give it more hard snow performance. A slightly kicked up tail makes it nimble in tight situations and it comes with tip and tail holes to accommodate K2's own line of skis.  The SideSeth will be available in a 174cm, 181cm, and 188cm.  Genius Feature: Hypritech Construction. Combination of side wall and cap construction to give you the best of both worlds. Side wall under foot and cap at the tips and tails. 

K2 BackdropBackdrop - Can a ski be lightweight and fat? Sounds impossible but its not. K2 took the lightweight construction of their WayBack ski and widened it up to 112mm and added their powder rocker. What you end up with is fat (width) but light (weight) ski. At 1820 grams for the 174cm K2's not kidding around. Available in a 174cm and a 181cm.  Genius Feature: Light and fat.


The Factory Team gets a couple new models of their own. Here's what's new in K2's Factory Team line-up of skis.

K2 PettitorPettitor - Sean Pettit might be young, but he's no roookie. If you've watched any of his movie sequences over the last couple of years than you already know that this kid has no fear and skis like someone seasoned veteran. It's only fitting that K2 would create a signature ski for one of the best teenager skiers around.

With Seth Morrison's pro model moving to the backside series of skis there was a nice spot left open for a fat twin tip and the new Pettitor feels the vacancy well. Sean might be young but his ski is all adult. Coming in at 147/120/141 the Pettitor is as big mountain powder as skis get. He's added K2's powder rocker to keep things floating and brought the contact points of the ski closer together to keep it nimble in tight situations. Sean also beefed up the Pettitor to give it high speed stability and to help it stomp some of the monster airs that he's become famous for. Genius Feature: K2's stiffest fat twin tip. 

K2 PressPress - Never a brand to leave anyone out K2 even revamped some of their more cost effective (better term?) models. The Press returns to the Factory Team line re-engineered. It's still the ones of the best values around. With a full wood core and K2's jib rocker there's not much this ski can't do. Genius Feature: Bang for your buck. Genius Feature: Bang for your buck or Jib rocker (spin without catching your edges)

K2 EmpressEmpress - Not wanting to let the boys have all the fun, K2 added a new ski to their women's line of twin tips. The Empress is the female version of the men's Press. Perfect for the aspiring girl ripper looking to expand her skiing in the park. It features K2's bioflex core specifically designed for the ladies and jib rocker. Genius Feature: Bioflex core.


K2 has done a great job bringing back another amazing line-up of skis for 2012-13. Looks to see these at a ski shop or on-line retailer later this year.

Like I mentioned above, these are just the new or redesigned models in the Backside and Factory Team lines of skis. Almost all of their skis received graphically updates. We'll be posting a preview of their A.M.P (All Mountain Performance) skis shortly.

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