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NEW Salomon Quest 120 and Quest 100 Ski Boots

Salomon Quest 120 Ski Boot_1

Downhill ski boot companies have started creeping into the world of backcountry skiing for the past couple of seasons. These sidecountry style of boots have proven to be the ticket for a number of people who aren't able to dedicate the amount of time to the backcountry as they would like but still want a boot that tours better than a traditional ski boot.

Salomon introduced the Quest series of boots a couple of seasons back as their commitment to this new sidecountry skier. When I first heard, back then, that Salomon was making sidecountry boots I got pretty excited. You see, I have had a number of different AT boots over the years and none of them fit very well. Having a very narrow and flat foot, everything I had owned previous felt like my feet were in a plastic buckets with a thermo-moldable liners.

Meanwhile, Salomon had a model in their line up that I absolutely loved and still do. I have had a pair of their Ghosts (formerly known as the Pro Model, based on the original Course boot) in one form or another for the past 7 years, 5 pairs of boots in total. Even now as I've slightly jumped on the Full Tilt band wagon, I still have a pair of Ghosts. There's all kinds of reasons why I love the Ghost but we'll save that for another day. But there is one feature that really makes it happen for me and it's the same reason why I've jumped on the Full Tilt band wagon, a 98mm last. For those new to ski boot tech talk the last is the width of the boot under the ball of your foot. For those not new to ski boot tech talk, don't hate me for the simple explanation.

So when Salomon originally announced their Quest boots I had high hopes that they would be based off of that 98mm last that I loved so much.  Unfortunately it wasn't.  The Quest boots are based on a 100mm last, similar to their Impact line of boots from that year.  I don't blame Salomon for this decision, after all, a 100mm width last is a much more common width of boot and foot.

Fast forward to this year. Salomon announces their new Guardian AT style binding. With that binding comes an expanded Quest boot line.  New for next year Salomon has added the Quest 120 and the Quest 100 boots to the Quest series of boots.  The best part of the two new models of Quest boots is that they'll be featuring... wait for it... A 98MM LAST! They've also built into a ton of other cool features like a rubbery ISO boot sole and an amazing custom fit shell that will expand out to a 104mm last, but for me I was sold at 98mm last. If you've got a narrow foot I'm sure you're as excited as I am. If you don't... maybe just feel happy for your narrow footed fellow skiers. Or, you could rejoice as well because their custom shell is pretty amazing, so just about any foot will now be able to fit in these boots. Look for the Quest 120 and 100 on ski shop shelves next fall and check out below for some pics.

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