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Red Bull Cold Rush 2012

Generally when we think of skiers we tend to classify them into one of two groups. Big mountain skiers or jibbers. The onset of the free ski movement has caused a bit of separation in the contest side of the sport. There's freestyle contests and big mountain contests. But what about the skier that is good at both but isn't dominating at either? The skier that is well rounded, that took the time to learn the park tricks and then successfully transitioned them outside of the park. Is there a contest where they can showcase their big mountain talents and trick abilities and put it all together in an effort to be the most well rounded skier? As a matter of fact there is such a contest and it's organized by none other than Red Bull.

Similar to Red Bull's Supernatural contest for snowboarders, Red Bull also promotes the Red Bull Cold Rush. Cold Rush is an invitation only event that showcases the abilities of skiers, both male and female, that can do it all. The ones who have successfully taken the park to the rest of the mountain and have the confidence and ability to still throw down when the conditions aren't perfect.

Check out this clip from this year's Red Bull Cold Rush.


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