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Erik Roner Pays tribute to Shane McConkey

Shane McConkey played the roll of mentor a lot during his life. He always seemed to be looking out for the next generation of skiers to make sure the sport continued to progress. Among those that were able to learn from the master was Erik Roner. Shane is credited for introducing the ski world to BASE jumping and eventually ski BASE jumping, but for also introducing Erik Roner to BASE jumping.

During all the mentoring, Shane apparently convinced Erik that in order to become an expert base jumper he would have to buy his old Polaris RMK snowmobile. Many years later, after Shane's passing Erik has never felt good about selling the snowmobile to someone else, so he devised a plan to use the snowmobile to pay attribute to Shane by concocting a scheme that only Erik Roner could pull off. Check out the latest episode of Roner vision.


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