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Snowboard Gift Guide 2012

So did you pull the name out of a hat of that punk cousin of yours that all you know about them is that they wear baggy clothes and talk funny, or are you looking for something to give to your mom/mom-in-law/significant other to help them choose a cool gift? Whatever the scenario, hopefully this gift guide will help someone buy something cool for the snowboarder in their life.

Swix Wax Kit

Waxing Kit- $60-$100

Hopefully the shredder on your list is out in the white room enough to be waxing their board so much they can't justify taking it to a shop. A waxing iron, a couple different temperatures of wax, a scraper, and a brush is all you will need for a basic kit.

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Snowboard Face Mask

Face Mask- $10-$40

While I have never been into the whole ninja face mask thing, I sure do understand the reasoning behind wanting to wear a mask to cover your whole face below your goggles. When the temps drop and your eyes are watering it's so cold it is hard to even want to ride. Cover up and stay warm.

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Snowboard Gear Bag

Gear Bag- $40+

Having all your gear in one place for a day on the mountain becomes more convenient the more often you find yourself getting on the mountain. Help the snowboarder in your life maintain some sense of organization by getting them a rad duffel bag to toss all their gear in at the end of the day. The waterproof ones will cost you a pretty penny and are nice, but not necessary.

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GoPro Hero 3 POV Camera

GoPro HERO3-$300

Sure we've upped the ante here a bit and we're carving toward the wish list, but if you haven't noticed, if you can't film your friends and yourself being cool, you're behind. The new GoPro HERO3 will get you up to speed instantly with all the latest features a point-of-view camera can offer. Check it out.

Where to Buy:


Skullcandy Smokin' Buds

Headphones- $30-$200

In snowboarder dream land there is always thigh-deep pow, fresh lines, and a group of friends to share the good times with. The reality is, high-pressure patterns set in, choppy park conditions exist and solo days are a reality of riding whenever you possibly can. Get some tunes in your head, whether with an in-ear or over the ear headphones option.

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Gas Gift Card

Fuel Card- $???

A gas card, that's kind of lame right?  I am willing to bet it would be more appreciated than you would think. By the time your favorite snowboarder is driving to the mountain a few times a week, the drive can begin to be more of a financial burden than a relaxing time prepping for a day on the hill. Hook a brother, or sister, up

Where to Buy:

Local gas station


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