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Vans Andreas Wiig Snowboard Boot: Genius Pick

Following up on our Tried and True Review of the Vans BFB, the Andreas Wiig by Vans has become our latest Genius Pick. With as many technical features that are packed into this one boot, what else would you expect?

What we like

Flex Control System: Whether your boot is getting a little worn out and soft or you simply need to stiffen up your boots for personal preference or splitboard mission completion, the flex control system has you covered. By adding tongue stiffeners you can take the Andreas Wiig boot from a 5 to a 7 on a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the stiffest. You also have the option of adding just one of the two stiffeners for increased lateral or medial support or both for full support and increased response. 

Pleasure Cuff: No matter the size of your calf, the Pleasure Cuff is designed to stay in contact with your calf to increase comfort and decrease fatigue and soreness. Comfort barely starts to describe how good this boot feels. 

Lace Hooks: I am very much a lace guy when it comes to boots, not completely sure why, but it just feels right. However, laces have a tendency to loosen up over the course of the day and aren't quite as easy to adjust compared to some of the speed lace or Boa systems. Vans knew this and set out to do something about it. Not only are the lace hooks on the Andreas Wiig stainless steel and double posted, but they also have a rubber stopper incorporated into the hook to keep the laces tight.

Quadfit X Thermal liner and OTW lite Outsole: Any boot with a moldable liner is much more likely to be comfortable and fit just how it should. Andreas Wiig? Check. Add in a directional anti-slip heel pocket, Outlast material for temperature regulation, and brushed fleece cuffs and you'll probably want to stay in them even after riding. A low-volume, lightweight sole with a lugged pattern for traction puts you right next to the board for increased board feel and control.

I write about these features only because I can't have you feel how the boot feels and rides through a computer. If I could, I wouldn't have to write anything, just have you put them on and ride.

What we don't like

A lot of thought and time was put into the sole of these boots and while the large lugs provide excellent traction when off the board, they tend to gather snow, which in turn leads to snow and ice build up in the bindings. I know, not a huge deal, but depending on the snow conditions, this can become a small nuisance to deal with.

Overall, the Andreas Wiig snowboard boots by Vans have exceeded my expectations and only time will tell if they survive as well as my BFB's have.

Vans Andreas Wiig Snowboard Boot

Author - Mike Bodrero


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