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Hyperlite's New System Binding

Hyperlite has been in wakeboarding since the beginning. Hyperlite's founder, Herb O'Brien, can practically be credited with inventing being pulled behind a boat on some type of board. Enough though the O'Briens and Hyperlite have since parted ways, Hyperlite continues to lead the innovation charge in the world of wakeboarding. So it comes as no surprise that Hyperlite is yet again changing the way we stand sideways on a wakeboard.

Hyperlite's new System Binding is a step in a new direction for wakeboard retention devices. Instead of trying to incorporate comfort and support into the same piece of footwear, they've taken a hint from the snowboard world and created a binding that looks just like the baseless bindings or snowboarding's yesteryear. Add to that a new boot that fits nice and snug into the binding and you've got yourself a system that has loads of support and is super comfy.

The System binding has an ankle and toe strap just like tradition snowboard binding have had for years. If you're thinking that baseless bindings were so 1994, take comfort knowing that it's not all old tech. It's not entirely baseless, there's an underfoot bridge that connects the two sides giving you a great combination of stiffness and feel for the board. The toe strap is a capped toe strap similar to most current snowboard bindings giving you solid toe response and keeping the heels of your boots nice and tight in the heel pocket. With all kinds of adjustments, it's super easy to dial these bindings in just right.

Hyperlite offers three models of boots to go with their new System binding. The Marek, Kobalt and Murray give you the options you need to find a boot that fits just right and has the performance characteristics you're looking for. As a reminder, the System bindings require the boots and vice versa.

Check out hyperlite.com for more info and this short clip from the team riders to see the new System in action.


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